Notifications are here!

We’re so excited to “notify” you of our latest update… Notifications!

If you’re a FreeAgent user, you’ve probably already noticed the new Bell icon – it’s right next to your profile photo in FreeAgent CRM.

It may be a small icon, but it’s kind of a big deal!

Notifications help you keep a pulse on what’s going on – without interrupting your workflow.

Things to know:

  1. YOU decide which Notifications are turned on and turned off.
  2. The first notification launched (by popular request) is the option to be alerted every time a lead assigned to you sends you an email. You can “wow” your customers with even faster follow-up.
  3. We’ll be adding more notification options over the coming weeks, such as New Deals, New Accounts, New Leads, and more!


Oh, and we almost forgot – “Reminders” are coming too!

You told us Next Steps are super helpful, but want to be reminded when they’re coming up. Soon, you’ll have the option to be notified of these too! Don’t worry – it’ll all be in the same place, keeping it easy as always to use FreeAgent CRM.


Is there a specific type of Notification you’d like to see in FreeAgent CRM?  Your success is our success! Shape the future of features and improvements by providing feedback – we love to hear from you!