Usability Refinements to FreeAgent CRM

We’re taking some big steps forward in usability for core pages within the FreeAgent CRM application. This blog post walks you through what we have done, are doing, and have planned – and includes some of the “why” as well.

Usability is a fundamental value at FreeAgent CRM. You can count on us to always be pushing forward to provide you the simplest, best way of managing your customer relationships.

The Problem: Inconsistency Across Leads, Accounts, and Deals

Today, leads, accounts, and deals all offer a slightly different user experience. This can make simpler things challenging – like knowing where to find an edit button, to having enough room to view a lengthy activity timeline, to understanding how to search.

When our project is complete all 3 areas: leads, accounts, and deals, will offer identical navigation and action options. So you will always know how to navigate and act, no matter where you are in the FreeAgent CRM app.

The “How”

The usability work involves several steps.

Step 1 – A common “detailed” page with an expandable Activity Timeline and central “Things You Can Do”

Step 2 – Standardizing the “rolodex” layout across Leads, Accounts, and Deals

Step 3 – Removing “card list” layout & adding customizability to rolodex cards

A common “detailed” page

You may have noticed these improvements already! Now for Leads, Accounts, and Deals you have a common detailed page with the same layout options and behaviors. The page supports expanding the Activity Timeline, especially helpful for Leads. For now, the Lead detailed page is accessible only from the List and Board layout views.


Standardizing the “rolodex”

The next phase of the project, currently under development, is to take the “rolodex” layout, improve it, and then extend it across Leads, Accounts, and Deals. Many of our customers are very excited about using the “rolodex” layout for Accounts and Deals since it makes navigating from record to record very easy.

Removing the “card list” layout & adding customizability to rolodex cards

The final phase of the project will remove the “card list” entirely & allow you to customize the “rolodex” layout to include whatever fields you think are most important for your business. This phase of the project is still in the design stage.

Send us your feedback!

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