Organized in 15 minutes: Message Mechanics Simplify Business with FreeAgent CRM

Jeffrey Pease LOVES simplicity. Chief Marketing Officer turned consultant, he founded Message Mechanics to help businesses grow their sales with clearer stories.

In a 20 year Silicon Valley career, Jeffrey’s both used and marketed large-scale CRM systems. But for his own business, he needed a system that was as simple and clear as his own services.

Just try it. It is easier than you think, and way easier than other CRM.”

Since most of Jeffrey’s business comes from referrals, he needed to organize his contacts and growing list of clients and make it easier to keep in touch with his network. He also wanted to track all inbound and outbound communications – without the overhead of a separate marketing automation system. With his busy schedule, quick setup and ease of use were key.

According to Jeffrey, FreeAgent CRM is the right fit for his scale of business. “You don’t need a bunch of training to use it. Put your contacts in and you will be productive almost immediately.”

The simple setup took just minutes.

He got started with a one-step link directly to his Gmail. The FreeAgent CRM support team then imported any additional contacts from his other email systems and Excel.

“I actually felt more organized just by going through the very smart setup screens.”

Jeffrey tells us, “I’m also impressed with the email capabilities, especially the open and click tracking analytics.”

We couldn’t have put it any better ourselves. Are you a small business with big ambitions?

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