Scoutible Is All About Top Performers. We’re Proud They Picked FreeAgent CRM For Their Team!

Scoutible is a game-changer for hiring top talent. They build an AI game-based hiring tool that helps their customers do two things: save time and save money. But when they looked at their current CRM – Hubspot – they weren’t doing either.

Hubspot was missing key features they needed AND was weighed down by other features they never even used. It was not the right match. Eventually, Scoutible had to make a move…

They fired Hubspot.

Dave Landreth, Head of Sales at Scoutible, starting scouting. This time, for a CRM solution that was different. It had to be simple to use, and have just the right set of features to be efficient. Not too many and not too few.

Their “must-have” feature was the ability to build custom reports with various views for their frequent strategy and performance tracking sessions.

“FreeAgent CRM is very simple to use.”

According to Dave, when he was able to do all this with just a few clicks, he was ready to make the switch. Then he discovered the rest of the software was just as easy to use! And without needing any training to get started, they were able to set custom views for each team member to see the information most relevant to them.

“Configuration was easy. It’s amazing!”

We’re proud to be on Scoutible’s team.
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