JTek Data Solutions Gets More ‘Limitless’ in Just Weeks with FreeAgent CRM

Jim Hathaway, CEO of JTEK Data Solutions, knows his tech. He lives and breathes agility, efficiency, and scalability in bringing world-class technology solutions to eager customers.

When he was expanding his sales team, he knew he needed a CRM solution in step with his own methodology – simple, innovative, scalable… “limitless”.

“Simplicity is the word I would use to describe it.” – Jim tells others about FreeAgent CRM, after comparing to big-box Salesforce.

“FreeAgent CRM is worth it. The product and the people behind it are great.”

When we started working with Jim, he was using Excel to track daily activities. Reporting was becoming difficult and time-consuming. But time was the biggest challenge in making a change. According to Jim, the fact that the system is easy to set-up and customize sealed the deal. He needed a system that he and his team can start using right away, without the need for heavy training and expensive consultants.

“It will get you started quickly and your team and performance will definitely improve.” – Jim announces after only weeks of using the system, referring to his rapid increases in performance.

We never get tired of hearing this story. Are you a small business with big ambitions?

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