Lead Automation – Phase 1

Today we’ve introduced the first set of changes to better support Lead Automation in FreeAgent.

We’ve enhanced the “rolodex” view of Leads, and now show you at a glance how many Attempts you’ve made to contact your leads. We show you the lead status & any Next Steps you need to accomplish. Next Steps will be very, very useful quite soon – we will use Next Steps to give you the ability to do email drip campaigns and automatically set followup rules.

We’ve also enhanced the List view of Leads, adding a “Next Steps” field so you can see all the upcoming actions you need to take with your leads. This is sortable! So you can pull up your leads & sort them by the ones that most need your attention. Good stuff!

Along with these changes you’ll notice a friendlier “big font” menu, and, just like in our native mobile apps, each section of our CRM is now color-coded! Leads are green, deals are blue, and so on. We’ve found these “color cues” help keep you on track and super focused in the App.

We hope you enjoy these improvements. Our CRM is advancing 10 times faster than anyone else’s on the market. Already the easiest to use, we aim to be the most powerful for small business too!

Please share your feedback with us & thank you for powering your business with FreeAgent CRM.