Back to Basics – Quicker Followups, Better Content, Smarter Selling

There’s a huge disconnect between the CRM “in-crowd” & their buzzword-laden recommendations for how to manage sales & what we hear from our customers.

The “LinkedIn” crowd is talking about whether Leads even belong in a sales system & what “methodologies” can “orchestrate” the right “outcome-based sales culture.” What? They sound like Michael Krasny from PBS (aka Mr. Smarty Pants). These “experts” have fallen out-of-practice on how to effectively market and sell. Instead they have fallen in-love with their own overly complex ideas.

Here at FreeAgent CRM you can count on us to give you the most user-friendly CRM on the market. We start with what you’ve told us you want. A very fast & efficient CRM that helps sales capture leads from anywhere, work them with as much automation as possible, and close a large % into real revenue.

It’s Back to Basics CRM. Because when your trying to scale sales, you need a system that saves you time & makes selling simpler. Say no to complexity & increase your sales with FreeAgent CRM.