Month: February 2018

IMAP Email Integration Support

Although Gmail- and O 365-based corporate email is very popular, we’ve found many small businesses use Yahoo! or a myriad of other email service providers. So we’ve introduced support for an IMAP & SMTP-based email integration to FreeAgent CRM. No matter what email you use we can tie it into FreeAgent CRM and automatically keep …

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Lead Automation – Phase 1

Today we’ve introduced the first set of changes to better support Lead Automation in FreeAgent. We’ve enhanced the “rolodex” view of Leads, and now show you at a glance how many Attempts you’ve made to contact your leads. We show you the lead status & any Next Steps you need to accomplish. Next Steps will …

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The Automations are Coming!

FreeAgent CRM will soon allow you to automate how you followup with leads! Want to send all new leads a Welcome email, follow it up with a phone call, then email them again in a day? No problem! Let me know if you’d like to preview what we’ll be delivering.  

Ahora está disponible en Español :) / Now available in Spanish

FreeAgent CRM ya tiene la versión en español! Tenemos una oficina en Guadalajara y vamos a crecer nuestra presencia en México y otros países de habla hispana, manteniendo nuestro compromiso con las empresas latinoamericanas para incrementar sus ventas. Sin más por el momento, me despido, 🙂 Davíd

Back to Basics – Quicker Followups, Better Content, Smarter Selling

There’s a huge disconnect between the CRM “in-crowd” & their buzzword-laden recommendations for how to manage sales & what we hear from our customers. The “LinkedIn” crowd is talking about whether Leads even belong in a sales system & what “methodologies” can “orchestrate” the right “outcome-based sales culture.” What? They sound like Michael Krasny from …

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