FreeAgent Announces Beta of Zapier Integration, Commitment to Open Platform Approach

FreeAgent CRM is committed to offering an open platform, enabling customers to easily import and export data & to connect FA to all the other systems and tools they rely on to market, sell, and support customers.

With that in mind, we’re announcing today that the Zapier integration to FreeAgent CRM is now in beta! We’re ready to help you connect FA to the hundreds of different “Zaps” available on Zapier – contact your product specialist or setup concierge to show you how.  Here are some popular examples:

  • Send Twilio SMS messages for New FreeAgent Deals
  • Add New FreeAgent Deals to Trello as Cards
  • Add new leads from Facebook Lead Ads to FreeAgent as Contacts
  • Add/Update LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms leads to FreeAgent contacts
  • Create FreeAgent Contact from Act-on New Form Submission
  • Create FreeAgent Contacts for New Intercom Users
  • Add new MailChimp subscribers to FreeAgent as Contacts
  • and so on

Contact us to learn more.