FreeAgent Deepens Gmail, O365 Integrations, Offers Calendar Support

The enhancements just keep coming to the FreeAgent platform. Our goal is to help salespeople “sell more, CRM less” and that means having the CRM system stay up to date on what salespeople are doing without any typing or double-entry.

We’ve achieved that goal when it comes to email – offering the best Gmail and O365-based integration for salespeople on the market.

And now, we’ve added great support for Calendars as well! To keep busy salespeople and sales leaders in-the-know on who’s doing what, when. We automatically sync FreeAgent with your Calendar & update all your Contacts and Deals with your upcoming (and past) Meetings. Upcoming meetings are “Next Steps,” and good ones at that!

How hard is it to activate these new features? Effortless. We’ve already turned it on & it is ready to roll in your accounts.

See Calendars and Meetings in action below!