To Inside Sales or Not to Inside Sales


When young businesses begin to build their sales processes, they face a decision: to build an inside sales team or not? Not an easy question b/c for many, founder-led sales may have just begun. Young companies just starting out make sales based on their leader’s personality or reputation, based on bold promises or vision, personal bravado/charisma, or a whatever-it-takes customer service attitude.

Point being, there may be no recipe for selling yet, and therefore no magic process that can reliably result in repeat sales. Invest too early in inside sales & you will spend a lot of money vacillating between different ideas on what might work. Invest too late and risk building a good product no one ever finds out about.

It’s a difficult position to be in – and we’d love to hear your point of view on the do’s and don’ts. From our vantage point, venture-backed companies generally invest too early & don’t have the know-how or the data to build “a factory of sales.” They are better off sticking to founder-led sales until they truly understand how to scale.