Hello, World

FreeAgent, as a startup, is far from ordinary. We’ve spent the last year studying the market, building our growing team, and creating some pretty exceptional software for salespeople. All the while we’ve spent $0 on Sales and Marketing. WTF, right? 🙂 We’ve been absent from Capterra, absent from ProductHunt, AppSumo, and all those other “pay for play” recommendation sites. We haven’t written any Whitepapers called “The Top 10 Mistakes <insert your product category here> Most <insert economic buyer> Make.” We’ve been q-u-i-e-t!

You may not know it but most companies that build and sell sales software (Salesforce, Base, Oracle, SAP, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and so on) spend less than 10% of their operating expenses on building and improving their service. We’ve spent 100%, and that makes a big difference. When you’re not trying to trick customers into buying your lousy software & instead you want them to love it, you work harder. No “lipstick on the pig” here.

And now, it is time to unveil what we’ve been working on. We’re so excited to share our story with you!

Our story is not just about our service. We’ve found many startups like ours have a lot in common with each other. We want to share our journey & our vision for the future. We’ve taken funny pictures along the way & we hope you enjoy our opinions, lessons learned, and authentic tales from the trenches.

Our mission is to shape a future where scaling sales is about as easy as flipping a switch. Welcome to FreeAgent! We hope you find value in what we’ll share & in our innovative new Sales CRM service.

All the best,

Me in Victoria, B.C., taking in the sights 🙂