Notifications are here!

We’re so excited to “notify” you of our latest update… Notifications! If you’re a FreeAgent user, you’ve probably already noticed the new Bell icon – it’s right next to your profile photo in FreeAgent CRM. It may be a small icon, but it’s kind of a big deal! Notifications help you keep a pulse on what’s …

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Letting Simplicity Speak

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”  -Hans Hofmann, Abstract Expressionist Painter Today we are dropping the wings from our FreeAgent CRM logo. As you may know, our vision is to design an application that is easy and simple for anyone to use. There is no tolerance …

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FreeAgent CRM is a Game-changer for Etta at Her Biggest Event of the Year

Etta knows a thing or two about the importance of using the best software. As the founder and CEO of gNIS – a specialized consulting firm for ServiceNow’s IT Business Management, she’s focused on solutions that help customers to align projects to business goals and understand costs and investments. When looking for the best CRM …

FreeAgent CRM is a Game-changer for Etta at Her Biggest Event of the YearRead More »

Beautiful Calendaring & FreeAgent CRM Meet

All our customers now have access to beautiful Day, Week, and Monthly calendar views inside FreeAgent CRM. These views pull in all your meetings from your Gmail or Office 365 account and also include your Next Steps – all the followups FreeAgent CRM helps you complete so you can rock your sales goals. Enjoy!  

Organized in 15 minutes: Message Mechanics Simplify Business with FreeAgent CRM

Jeffrey Pease LOVES simplicity. Chief Marketing Officer turned consultant, he founded Message Mechanics to help businesses grow their sales with clearer stories.

In a 20 year Silicon Valley career, Jeffrey’s both used and marketed large-scale CRM systems. But for his own business, he needed a system that was as simple and clear as his own services.

“Just try it. It is easier than you think, and way easier than other CRM.”

Since most of Jeffrey’s business comes from referrals, he needed to organize his contacts and growing list of clients and make it easier to keep in touch with his network. He also wanted to track all inbound and outbound communications – without the overhead of a separate marketing automation system. With his busy schedule, quick setup and ease of use were key.

According to Jeffrey, FreeAgent CRM is the right fit for his scale of business. “You don’t need a bunch of training training to use it. Put your contacts in and you will be productive almost immediately.”

The simple setup took just minutes.

Scoutible Is All About Top Performers. We’re Proud They Picked FreeAgent CRM For Their Team!

Scoutible is a game-changer for hiring top talent. They build an AI game-based hiring tool that helps their customers do two things: save time and save money. But when they looked at their current CRM – Hubspot – they weren’t doing either.

Hubspot was missing key features they needed AND was weighed down by other features they never even used. It was not the right match. Eventually, Scoutible had to make a move…

They fired Hubspot.

JTek Data Solutions Gets More ‘Limitless’ in Just Weeks with FreeAgent CRM

Jim Hathaway, CEO of JTEK Data Solutions, knows his tech. He lives and breathes agility, efficiency, and scalability in bringing world-class technology solutions to eager customers.

When he was expanding his sales team, he knew he needed a CRM solution in step with his own methodology – simple, innovative, scalable… “limitless”.

“Simplicity is the word I would use to describe it.” – Jim tells others about FreeAgent CRM, after comparing to big-box Salesforce.